Control System Studio Guide

For installers and maintainers of CS-Studio

Kay Kasemir

Gabriele Carcassi

Release 2017-07(July)-18


Control System Studio (CS-Studio, CSS) is the result of contributions from many people:

  • First of all, CS-Studio builds heavily on Eclipse.
  • Matthias Clausen at the Deutsches Electronen Synchrotron started the CSS idea.
  • Many people from the Canadian Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, ITER and other sites have contributed either through extensions, code fixes, suggestions or bug reports. Check the @author tags in the source code to get an idea.

The sources for this book are on GitHub under You can download the sources via git clone

Thanks to Gabriele Carcassi and Eric Berryman, the latest HTML version is available at, and the current PDF is at

Table of Contents

No Warranty
I. CS-Studio Guide
II. Plug-in Reference
A. Docbook

List of Figures

2.1. CSS Alarm Table
2.2. Context Menu
2.3. Data Browser
2.4. Electronic Logbook Submission
2.5. CSS Preference Panel
4.1. Locating all Product Files
4.2. Eclipse Product Editor
4.3. Product Export Dialog
5.1. Workspace
6.1. Hierarchical Preferences
9.1. Windows Firewall Warning
11.1. Archive System Overview
12.1. Message RDB Schema
13.1. Authenticate to change alarm configuration
13.2. Security Info View
14.1. Alarm System Overview
14.2. Alarm Tree
14.3. Alarm Table
14.4. Alarm Area Panel
14.5. Annunciator View
15.1. Example of BOY Widgets
16.1. Composition of a Product
16.2. Plug-in Dependency Validator
16.3. Community Edition splash screen image.
18.1. Installing from an Update Site
26.1. The CSS main menu
26.2. The Process Variable popup-menu
31.1. Message History Browser
33.1. JMS Message Monitor
34.1. Application Launch files
34.2. Configuration Editor
35.1. JMS-2-RDB Web Interface
36.1. Web menu
37.1. Chat Client (left) communicating with Pidgin (right)