Part I. CS-Studio Guide

This book has two parts. The first part consists of an introduction to CSS. It explains how to compile CSS from sources, how to install it, how to perform the initial setup of the archive and alarm system. It is meant to serve as a guide for those who need to install, maintain and extend CSS.

The second part of the book has reference chapters for selected plugins.

For more information on Eclipse RCP, the technology underlying CSS, and CSS in general, you might also want to refer to:

  • Books
    • Lars Vogel and Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse 4 RCP: The complete guide to Eclipse application development, 2013.
    • Clayberg and Rubel, eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Plug-ins and the 2008 update eclipse Plug-ins were very good, but details are now out of date.
    • McAffer, Lemieux and Aniszczyk, Eclipse Rich Client Platform is a 2010 update.
    • McAffer, VanderLei and Archer, OSGi and Equinox concentrates on the plugin architecture at the basis of Eclipse.
  • The Eclipse IDE online help section Platform Plug-in Developer Guide
  • Finally, a Google search often gives good results because Eclipse/RCP is used all over the world by many developers.