Chapter 36. Web menu -

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The plugin adds a Web entry to the CSS menu which allows users to access web sites related to the control system.

As a growing number of control system related tools become web-based, this allows easy access to them from within CSS.

Figure 36.1. Web menu

Web menu

Depending on the operating system and the preference settings under General, Web Browser, the web pages will open in a web browser within the CSS workbench or in an external web browser.


The web links are configured by the CSS maintainer for each site via preferences of the plugin.

The example web menu from Figure 36.1, “Web menu” was created with the following configuration placed in the plugin_customization.ini of the product:

# Selects the web links to show and define their order.
# '|' character can be used to add separators.
# When left blank, there won't be any web links. css | google
# Define the Label and link for each web link.
# Only those listed in ...weblinks above are actually used!

# Link to the local CSS web site where users can download CSS,
# learn about updates etc:\
Local CSS Web Site|

# The main CSS web page on GitHub\
CSS Wiki|

# Example for other useful links|