Chapter 35. RDB Logging - org.cstudio.logging.jms2rdb

Table of Contents

Relational Database Setup
Building the Tool
Running the Tool

The plugin org.cstudio.logging.jms2rdb is a tool that listens to JMS messages from the log, alarm system or other CSS applications and sends them to the RDB.

This tool uses an RDB schema for messages that extends the basic schema described in the section called “JMS logging to RDB” by adding the following commonly used message properties to the MESSAGE table itself:

Relational Database Setup

The dbd sub-directory of the plugin sources describes the RDB schema for MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Building the Tool

Use the JMS2RDB.product file to generate the binary.

Running the Tool

You configure the connection parameters for JMS and your RDB via a plugin customization file as described in Chapter 6, Hierarchical Preferences. Refer to the file plugin_customization.ini included in the JMS2RDB plugin sources for an example.

Once running, the JMS2RDB tool provides a web browser interface as a basic status monitor under the URL


The port number can be adjusted in the preference settings of the tool. To connect from another computer, replace localhost with the name of the host that is executing the tool.

Figure 35.1. JMS-2-RDB Web Interface

JMS-2-RDB Web Interface

The main web page will look similar to Figure 35.1, “JMS-2-RDB Web Interface”, displaying the last message that was received and written to the RDB. In case of errors, an addition Last Error section will display for example the last database access error.

To stop the tool, access the URL