Chapter 31. Message History Browser - org.cstudio.alarm.beast.msghist

The plugin org.cstudio.alarm.beast.msghist is a generic browser for the message history. It displays JMS messages that were written to the relational database by for example the tool described in Chapter 35, RDB Logging - org.cstudio.logging.jms2rdb.

Figure 31.1. Message History Browser

Message History Browser

By default, the tool displays all messages that were written in the last hour. You can adjust the time range via the Times button or by directly entering a start and end time, using for example a start of -1 days as shown in the above figure.

The Filter button allows you to restrict the message list to for example only log messages, i.e. messages with TYPE equal to log, and you can further limit the result to messages originating from a specific HOST.

The context menu of the message table allows displaying the detail of a message, i.e. it can show all properties of a message. From the context menu you can also export all messages from the table into a file.

Note that there can be many messages, each having many properties. Displaying too many messages would exhaust the available computer memory. By default, the tool restricts itself to only fetching 100000 properties. With the average log message containing 9 properties, this equals roughly 11000 messages. You can adjust this limit in the preference settings of the message history browser.